Month: December 2021

Why Choose Polymeric Sand for Paver Jointing | Polymeric Sand Benefits

Dec 30, 2021

Are you wondering whether it’s beneficial to use polymeric sand for paver jointing? Polymeric sand is the powerful paver jointing material used today. It offers optimal joint stabilization and prevents insect infestations and weed growth. Read along to find out what polymeric sand is and its advantages over other traditional grouting materials. Let’s begin! What […]

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Concrete Sand 101: All About Concrete Sand

Dec 15, 2021

Concrete sand, commonly found on worksites, is one of many materials involved in construction today. But what exactly is concrete sand? In simple words, this material is the sandy aggregate that you can blend with cement and water to create concrete. These cement mixtures can take numerous forms, which you can use for many applications […]

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