These 6 Types of Clay Are Used in Construction

May 30, 2022

he weathering and erosion of rocks with the mineral group feldspar give us clay minerals, including kaolinites or smectites. Clay is a loose earth material. It contains grain-sized particles less than 4 micrometers in size. Clay has been the center of the construction world for many years, as it provides several benefits. Clay is the […]

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Get Familiar with Three Types of Compactable Filling

May 15, 2022

A solid, stable foundation is of utmost importance when it comes to construction projects. Contractors use different materials to create strong foundations in their construction projects. It is necessary to fill out any holes and smooth out the terrain before constructing anything. Contractors must apply the materials they use carefully and correctly to ensure that […]

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The Types, Grades & Uses of Topsoil

Apr 30, 2022

The Types, Grades & Uses of Topsoil Are you wondering, “What is topsoil?”. It is the top layer of soil essential for vegetation and is often stripped before building structural loads. If you have been around construction sites, you might have noticed big construction trucks excavating soil before building any structure. But why remove it? […]

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Soil Remediation Process: How Long Does It Take?

Mar 30, 2022

Soil remediation means removing pollution and contaminants from the soil, which can harm humans, animals, and the environment. Contaminants come from several places, including: Industrial activity Pesticides Animal dung Farming chemicals Septic system malfunction Improper solid waste management Underground oil tank leakage If the soil is contaminated, soil remediation must be carried out to get […]

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Importance of Excavation In Construction

Mar 15, 2022

If you’re planning to start the construction of your new commercial property or house, here are a few things you should know. No matter what type of construction you need, industrial, commercial, or residential, a good excavation job is important to make sure your property is equipped with a rock-solid foundation. Moreover, durable groundwork prevents […]

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Asphalt Vs Concrete, Which Is Better For Your Driveway?

Feb 28, 2022

Planning to build a new home or refresh your current asset? Then using a suitable material you’re your driveway is crucial. There are 2 paving materials to choose from for driveways: concrete and the other is asphalt. But the question is: “What’s the difference between the two” let’s have a detailed discussion of asphalt vs. […]

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