What We Offer

Types of Fill Dirt

The material you choose can have a huge impaction your overall project. At WM Trucking, we provide both common and select fill dirt to contractors, subcontractors, and project managers.

Trucks, Trailers & Belly Dumps

Our trucks, trailers and belly dumps will help you easily develop land for your next project. We are here to assist at every step of your build from delivering fill dirt during construction to removing debris when your project is done.

Select Fill, Clay, Top Soil and Sand

WM trucking and excavating can select fill, clay, top soil and sand to both residential and commercial businesses across Texas. we know that these materials are about more than just product delivery. We can help you choose the right materials and design your project.


Start your construction project on the right foot. WM Trucking can assist with all parts of your excavation, from preparing the land to installing drainage solutions. We work with contractors, project managers, and construction crews to make the excavation process as seamless as possible.