Who We Are

Over 25 years of Business in Trucking & Excavating

WM Trucking is here to provide Houston-area business owners with the trucking, gravel, and excavation services they need. As a project manager, you have enough on your plate. Our team will handle your trucking needs so that your project can start off on the right foot. Read on to learn more about how we can help you.

Why Work With Us?

We know there are many companies in Houston that provide trucking and excavation services. However, our professionalism, industry experience, and customer service set us apart. We work with every client as an individual to create a trucking plan that fits their project’s needs, budget, and timeline. With decades of experience, our team members ensure that every project is done right.

WM Trucking & Excavating

Choosing a Local Company

WM Trucking understands the needs of Houston-area business owners because we are in the industry ourselves. Team members at all levels of our company have construction experience, which makes us uniquely suited to manage your next project. As members of the community, we are also dedicated to helping other business owners thrive so we can bolster our economy together.

Services To Meet Your Needs

We can help you make any construction project a reality. WM Trucking offers a variety of services and a large fleet, allowing us to take on projects of all sizes. Whether you are in the planning, construction, or maintenance phase of your build, our team will help you craft a site that stays strong over time. Call us today to learn more.