If you have a major construction project coming your way, you’ll need a land clearing service to remove debris and any trees that may be coming in the middle of your project site. Read on to learn what you should know before handing over your land clearing task to a contractor.

What do land clearing services include?

The time taken by the land clearing process is different for each project. For almost every project, the process includes a survey of the land according to the blueprints to determine what route would be best for the company.

The first step of a land cleaning service is the removal of giant rocks and cutting of bushes or trees. Some projects may decide not to cut the trees but transplant them. Note that this process can be very costly. Vegetation can be a big challenge for a construction project and can cause several issues down the line. So make sure you only hire professionals with a known reputation for your land clearing project.

The next step is grading the property, and it depends on the type of land. Necessary steps may be required to prevent erosion or control drainage, so the land stays strong in the coming years. Some other tasks included in this step can be a connection of utilities to the project site, digging a basement, and construction of a road to the property.

Since construction permits are required at this stage, it can slow down the whole process. Moreover, the licenses may incur additional costs to the budget.

How much can it cost to clear land?

The cost of land grading can be between $5 to $10 per sqft. But if the process includes tree removal, it will increase the cost, which depends on the density of the wooded area and the type of machinery used. Getting rid of thick and deeply rooted bushes costs less, approximately $200 per acre.

The time and costs to clear the land vary for each project, so contact us for a close estimate of your project.

Need excavation for your upcoming construction project?

If you’re planning to begin your new construction project, working with professionals will promise you the best and most satisfying results. WM Trucking & Excavating can excavate your land with the utmost care, giving your property a strong foundation. If you need clay, top soil, select fill, and other sand services for your project, we can deliver them to your site, and our experts can also help you choose the material that will best suit your needs.

Before we start anything, we’ll ask you the necessary questions to ensure our work aligns with your plan and design. When our job is complete, our team will inspect every inch of the work done to make sure everything sounds ok.

We would be more than glad to hear from you! If you’ve any queries regarding the excavation or sand services or if you want our trucks to deliver materials and remove debris from your construction site, call us today at 936 372 1399.