he weathering and erosion of rocks with the mineral group feldspar give us clay minerals, including kaolinites or smectites. Clay is a loose earth material. It contains grain-sized particles less than 4 micrometers in size. Clay has been the center of the construction world for many years, as it provides several benefits.

Clay is the central part of load-bearing structures of the building most of us live in. There are different types of clay that are used in construction, including:

1. Earth Plaster

Clayey subsoil, aggregates, and a natural form of fiber are used together to form a basic level of Earth Plaster. It is used to cover the interior and exterior of a structure. Using earth plaster for building structures has been common for many years. It is not difficult to apply and gives a nice, smooth finish to any structure it is used on. However, they are more suitable for sheltered or internal use. Moreover, they are not ideal for direct application on wood or metal.

2. Brick Clays

Rich in alumina, oxides of iron, calcium, magnesium, silica, and organic matter, this type of clay is handy in manufacturing bricks and similar clay products. Buildings made from clay bricks are durable. They remain standing even after hundreds of years. Furthermore, it is a popular building material for residential, commercial, and industrial structures. Moreover, the composition of clay bricks involves earth, wind, fire, and water. Thus, they have no allergens or pollutants.

3. Fire Clay

Silica and alumina are the two major constituents of fire clay. Others include oxides of calcium, potassium, iron, magnesium, and titanium. Fire clay is primarily used in the manufacture of fire bricks. Other than firebrick, it is also used to make retorts, glass pots, crucibles, and other accessory utensils employed in the metalworking industries. It is usually whitish in color. Typically, it is found under coal seams.

4. Burnt Clay

Burnt clay bricks are widely used in construction. They are made by pressing damp clay into molds, drying them, and firing them in kilns. Burnt clay is a solid block of hardened clay, noticeable in ancient structures. Usually, these high-grade burnt clay bricks are reddish in color with no apparent flaws. However, they are comparatively costlier.

5. Sand Lime Clay

Sand, fly ash, and lime are mixed to make sand lime. The mixture of sand, lime, and sand is then shaped under pressure to form bricks. Sometimes, pigment is also added to the mix for a bit of color. Moreover, these bricks are not fired in kilns like burnt clay bricks.

6. China Clay

Also known as kaolin or white clay, China clay hydrated aluminum silicate crystalline mineral. This high-grade clay is considered the purest type of clay. China clay comprises a high percentage of kaolin. In construction, it mainly serves the purpose of fillers in concrete. In addition, it is used in manufacturing white cement and bricks.

The Closing Word

In conclusion, clay is a widely used material in construction. Weathering and erosion of rocks give us clay, an essential element for constructing various structures. Moreover, many types of clay bricks are used in construction. Thus, if you are interested in using clay for your construction project, WM Trucking & Excavations is always here at your service. Contact us at 936-372-1399.