Construction is means building or assembling infrastructure. A construction project starts off with planning and designing, and placing several materials to set up a structure. There are 4 main construction types, each with different needs and features.

1.Residential Building

One common type of construction is residential construction done to provide shelter to people and storage for supplies or equipment. Some prominent examples are condos, apartments, townhomes, dormitories, and more. Places like utility sheds and garages are also termed residential constructions. This construction type also includes repairing and installation of water and electricity supplies.

Architects and engineers are responsible for the designing of residential buildings. The construction is carried out by companies who work together with subcontractors for structural, mechanical, and electrical work. This is true for big projects. For a small house that is feasible for a single-family, both the design and construction are executed by the builders.

2. Institutional and Commercial Building

This includes the construction of stadiums, shopping centers, retail stores, schools, sports arenas, and tall buildings. Similar to residential construction, commercial construction includes building new structures and fixtures and maintenance of old ones. Projects like a grocery store are paid for by a private owner or a company. In contrast, the government, local or national, pays and manages the projects such as schools, shopping centers, or stadiums.

3. Specialized Industrial Construction

Out of the other types of projects, specialized industrial construction requires top-class expertise and technical knowledge for all three, design, planning, and construction. This type of construction is profit-based, carried out by corporate industries. A few examples include the construction of oil refineries by the chemical industry. Or hydroelectric power plants by power generation industries.

4. Infrastructure and Heavy Construction

This construction type is carried out for the convenience of the general public and controlled and paid for by the government and other large corporations. The projects include construction, repairs, and enhancement of communication structures, railways tracks, roads, drainage systems. Other projects include bridges, highways, tunnels, gas or water supply pipelines, and transit systems.

Summing up

What we discussed above are the four major construction types. Depending on the type of project, you have several choices when choosing a construction expert. A builder can assist in the construction of a house or other smaller project. An engineer can help design a bigger construction project.

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