Planning to build a new home or refresh your current asset? Then using a suitable material you’re your driveway is crucial. There are 2 paving materials to choose from for driveways: concrete and the other is asphalt. But the question is: “What’s the difference between the two” let’s have a detailed discussion of asphalt vs. concrete driveway.

Although both these materials, asphalt and concrete, vary in ways, they also have similarities. Firstly, both concrete and asphalt are gravel-based. Both materials are made of sand and stone. The main difference is in their adhesiveness. Asphalt is a petroleum-based component vs concrete which is made of cement.

5 Ways To Differ Asphalt Vs Concrete

This simple change of concrete vs asphalt is the root of all these differences:


The total cost of an asphalt driveway is relatively cheaper compared to concrete. The change is from 2.00 to 4.00 dollars per square foot. The prices of asphalt fluctuate with changes in crude oil prices. On the other hand, concrete driveways cost around 4.00 to 6.00 dollars per square foot.

Repair and Maintenance

When considering an asphalt driveway vs concrete, you must think about the maintenance and repairs that come along with it. Usually, 6 months or a year after installation, the driveway should be sealed and repeated after every 3 to 5 years. This is done to extend the driveway’s life. However, this does not require professional assistance. Homeowners can seal the driveways themselves with the right materials.

On the other hand, driveways made of concrete do not require much sealing. However, applying the seal on a concrete driveway enhances its look and preserves the finish. Therefore many homeowners opt for this maintenance.

Durability and Life

On the whole, asphalt has less durability. However, with adequate maintenance, the said material can last for 30 years. At the same time, concrete has a life span of about 50 years with time to time repairs.

Aesthetics or Looks

Pavement material has an essential role when it comes to the physical appearance driveway. You can tint, etch, stain, or stamp the concrete driveway for the desired look. However, asphalt vs concrete is rolled and compressed during installation, and it does not blend well to the finishes, stamping, or etching. Few sealants have tints or color, but the options are generally limited to black only.

Climate and Weather

People residing in extremely hot or cold regions must consider the climate and weather changes that affect their pavement. During the cold winter season, concrete vs asphalt cracks up from constant freeze and thaw. High hot climate affects asphalt driveways negatively as well as it softens in the sun and starts sticking to shoes, car tires, clothing, etc.


Asphalt vs concrete is less expensive on the other hand, concrete is more durable and gives longer life. If you are looking for professional help, call the experts of WM Trucking for help. Contact top-notch excavators at 936 372 1399.