Construction is not an easy task to handle, there are multiple materials involved, and appropriate selection is of prime importance. Usually, professionals have the knowledge and equipment to bring the vision to life when it comes to construction. As far as gravel is concerned, dust complaints are quite common, and it’s often thought to use gravel that hardens like concrete.

For constructing a commercial building, recreation center, or house, one basic material required is stones. Every type of stone has its specific role in construction. Let’s shed some light on the use of gravel, its dust issue, and how to give it a more concrete-like effect.

Gravel and Its Types

Gravel is the type of stone that is present in abundance, naturally on earth having round shape. It has a uniquely smooth texture due to the wear and tear it goes through.

Mostly, gravel stone is used to make driveways. They are the most appropriate choice because of their ease in maintenance and cost-effectiveness. Moreover, their sinking ability comes in handy during harsh weather conditions.

The presence of gravel reduces the chances of flooding, unlike hard concrete pavements. This happens because the water seeps in during heavy rain between the gravel rocks, which does not happen with a concrete base.

Various types of gravel rocks are available to make a pathway that can be hardened to give a concrete type look. Few are mentioned below.

Pea Gravel Rock

This gravel is smaller in size, typically half an inch. They are a good choice to spread as the first layer on swimming pools, walkways, etc., due their availability in multiple colors. This gives the pavement/driveway a good visual appeal.

Quarry Processed Stone

This kind of gravel stone is also known as the crusher run. Like pea rock, it is a good choice for spreading on the top layer of the pavement. The collection is a mixture of smaller crushed stone and stone dust.

When the gravel sets, dust trickles between the spaces giving it a smooth semi-solid surface mimicking something slightly like concrete.

Crushed Stone #57

A large golf ball sized stone that makes up the middle layer of the driveway or pavement. The size of crushed stone makes it a good choice to promote proper drainage.

What Kind Of Gravel Hardens Like Concrete?

Self-binding gravel is one of the closest options one can go for as an alternative for concrete pavement. This gravel hardens to form a concrete like solid base.

Self-Binding Gravel

It is a surface formed when specialized gravel stone is rolled which binds to form a multi-purpose pathway that hardens to form a concrete like base. Using self-binding gravel for a driveway or pavement gives the end users stability, durability, and aesthetic look within an affordable price range.

Gravel stones lack one property – stability. They move around, which is an undesirable quality for many. Luckily, with innovations the use of self-binding gravel makes it possible to have a hard concrete like base.

Self-binding gravel is a blend of 8 to 10 mm sized stones, gravel dust, and clay. Clay effectively binds all the others together and firmly compacts it. It gives a completely neat and clean look and is fairly easy to maintain.

Compacting Gravel Driveway

One way to harden the gravel stones like concrete is to use a compactor to give a concrete finish. It binds the loose stones so that the pavement easily handles the heavy pressure.

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