A detention pond is one addition that can have multiple benefits for your property. These ponds look simple, but they provide much-needed relief from runoff, preventing storm damage. But what exactly is a detention pond, and how do they work? Learn more in the article below.

What is a Detention Pond?

Detention ponds look just like regular ponds. However, they are manmade and designed for a specific purpose: collecting water runoff. Detention ponds essentially store excess water after it rains. This protects both your property and also the surrounding areas. Retention ponds serve a similar purpose. However, they don’t have permanent standing water. (They are also known as “dry basins”, whereas detention ponds are known as “wet basins.) You have the terms mixed up. Retention retains water for a long duration (wet basins). Detention detains water for a short period of time (dry basins).

How Do They Work?

It’s simple! Detention ponds collect runoff and prevent flooding after a rainstorm. A restrictor device helps to control the water flowing into the detention pond, making it even more effective. After the storm, it will slowly return to its normal water level.

Detention Pond Benefits

Of course, the main reason to install a detention pond is to prevent flooding. But detention ponds can also help maintain the environment on your property. Stable water levels are good for the plants and animals that call your land home. Detention ponds not only control water flow, but also help to eliminate pollutants that are carried in runoff water. Detention ponds can even enhance the look of your property!

Maintaining Your Detention Pond

Detention ponds are generally low-maintenance. However, some basic maintenance is always necessary. Ponds need to be inspected periodically to make sure they are working correctly. Sediment and certain types of plants might also need to be removed on occasion. A few short maintenance visits are all you need.

We Make Excavation Easy

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