“As built” drawings are used during construction projects to keep account of the changes from the initial project plans during the building construction. In simple words, you can call them “as builts,” and they have immense importance in constructing a new project or during the renovation or maintenance of existing structures.

What Are As Built Drawings Used For?

For any construction project, a detailed plan is necessary for successful completion. A building can never be manufactured exactly like as build drawings because a contractor will face many issues related to the building site, material, and involvements from governmental or environmental agencies. As built drawings track these alterations so the building can be constructed according to the original plan. This becomes especially important for large commercial projects.
The drawings differ for new construction, renovations, and maintenance projects.

New construction:

During the construction of a new structure that is only present on the papers right now, contractors will face several anomalies and have to change the plan to portray the original one. As built drawings keep track of these changes while the construction is going on so an accurate building drawing exists during the completion.

Renovation projects:

Before the beginning of a project, a detailed understanding of the current building structure is very important. Working according to the most recent drawings ensures efficient and secure renovation.

Building maintenance:

As long as the building stands, minor changes and improvements are made. The team that carries out the maintenance should update the drawings so the changes are reflected, and an accurate building drawing is present.

What’s Included in The Drawings?

For up-to-date and functional as built drawings, any alterations to the following elements must be reflected.

  • Locations: Changes to the door location, plumbing, window casings, and more
  • Installations: If any adjustments were made to the installation of HVAC, electrical, or any other systems, they should be mentioned in the drawings.
  • Dimensions: Amendments to building dimensions.
  • Materials: If any materials are changed from the initial plan, they should be listed in the as built drawings.
  • Fabrications: Note down modifications to fabrications like handrails, columns

How Are They Created?

Nowadays, most of the as built drawings are made using construction technology and AutoCAD software. This way, all the stakeholders have access to an accurate building plan.

Many times a contractor in charge of the construction will develop project drawings. The involvement of an architect is less likely as they don’t visit the construction site every day for project updates.

What’s the Difference Between “As Built” and “Record” Drawings?

As built drawings are usually made by a contractor who overlooks the construction. The drawing also contains color coded notes that are mentioned directly on the original plans.

In contrast, record drawings are created by an architect. These drawings contain all the changes that were made to construction as mentioned on the as built drawings. The alterations allow the creation of a reliable and exact building plan like it was constructed.

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