When it comes to residential construction projects, we all know that work can move very slowly. Compared to the commercial sector, there’s less of a general hurry with more people involved in the process. Additionally, wants can change the direction of the project on a whim.

And because of that, your extension project might be moving slower than you ever thought possible. But what are the main reasons behind this? Well, the two below are the most common factors, and it’s a good idea to take some time to think about how you can address them in a simple, viable, and cost-effective manner.

Unanticipated Costs

There will be a lot of costs involved in your home extension project, and many of them won’t be penciled into the budget from the get-go. Indeed, many homeowners fail to anticipate the number of workers needed for such a project, such as not hiring enough on-site builders and forgoing the use of construction vehicles altogether.

This can be a big mistake in the long run and can make your project take twice as long, as you’ll have to hire more workers at premium prices; callout fees can vary wildly when a tradesperson is needed, especially if they need to use digging or excavation equipment.

The Clean-Up Job

Homeowners regularly underestimate just how much dirt and debris will collect and build up during the preparation and construction phases of the job. This can slow down progress by making the site unsafe, and your clearing needs can take up valuable workdays, preventing work from being conducted elsewhere.

In all, with many builders required to dig and scoop dirt out of the land, as well as knock through walls, clear the foundation, and even deal with potential asbestos worries, your project could take up to 2 weeks more than you were expecting.

That’s Why You Should Rent a Truck

One of the best things to do to cope with the issues above is rent a truck. Here at WM Trucking & Excavating, we make that easy for you – we know just how irritating a slow extension project can be! You want to get back into the house and settle back in, but it’s simply unsafe to do so right now.

To get around this, one of our excavating project trucks can speed up the process by at least three days. A truck can shift three times the amount of debris, including piles of bricks and heaps of soil, then you could alone. Additionally, our trucks are designed to industry standards. Thanks to the sheer convenience, they’ve been known to be worth the investment twice over.

So, when it comes to any construction issues surrounding dirt, debris, heavy lifting, and a simple lack of workers, renting a truck to excavate the land you’re building on is the safest bet. Contact us to understand what we can do about your specific home extension needs. To learn about what we can do to help, call us today at 936-372-1399.