Choosing the right tire for your vehicle is very important for it to perform well. Not only the performance, but safety of the individuals using that vehicle also depends on it. There are various types of tires available to opt from; you need to have thorough knowledge about them for picking up the right one.

Tires are now characterized for different vehicles to take on specific terrains. A good tire should be able to take on the terrains it is exposed to. Whether you’re on a road trip or using to pick and drop a load, the ride must be smooth and safe.

Types of Tires

Highway Truck tires

This type of tire is specially designed to increase good highway performance. It has low noise with a long wear time. This type of truck tire has every season tread pattern, which gives a good grip in all seasons, dry, wet, and cold weather conditions (winter).

They are designed to give comfort on pavements because they have shallow tread depths and no sidewall blocking. Highway truck tires are apt to use in sports vehicles, pickup trucks, and crossovers. They are fuel-efficient with high traction ability.

Moreover, they are made with harder compounds which lessens the rolling resistance, eventually making them long-lasting.

Max Traction Truck Tires (Mud Terrain)

These types of tires are mostly for off-road use. If you’re planning to use the vehicle in a soft, muddy area, this should be your choice.

These are typical large-sized tires with deep tread and big shoulder blocks that easily grip into the loose muddy surfaces on site. These characteristics give it maximum friction ability.
The bigger voids and sidewall lugs help them to carry the vehicle through many obstacles easily. Large bed trucks often have this kind of tires for better grip on slippery surfaces.

However, there are some disadvantages associated with it. On regular off roads, it advised to not use mud terrain tires, they are noisy, heavy, and uncomfortable with reduced gas mileage.
They need reinforcement of sidewalls to resist wear and tear, punctures and abrasions that happen very often.

All Terrain

Also referred to as A/T tires.
As the name indicates, it is suitable for all types of terrain and has a good deeper tread pattern. Their tread pattern has large spaces to let the mud or snow out of it easily. On the other hand, it is heavier than highway truck tires, noisier and worse when it comes to mileage.

Best Tire for Large Bed Pickup Truck

WM Trucking and Excavating provides long bed trucks for load pickup and transportation during construction. A construction site may have different terrains, muddy or rocky. We have a variety of pickups for you to choose from.

Trucks available at WM Trucking and Excavating have been designed in a way to provide best service for any type landscape it is used on. We make sure to use the best quality tires to streamline the workflow of your construction.

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