Are you wondering whether it’s beneficial to use polymeric sand for paver jointing? Polymeric sand is the powerful paver jointing material used today. It offers optimal joint stabilization and prevents insect infestations and weed growth. Read along to find out what polymeric sand is and its advantages over other traditional grouting materials. Let’s begin!

What is Polymeric Sand?

Installers use polymeric sand to fill paver joints and the empty spaces between each tile, stone, or paver. It is often referred to as jointing sand, hardscape sand, or paver sand.

Polymeric sand is made up of fine grains. Then, manufacturers add a mixture of certain additive particles. After mixing water, this substance acts as a powerful bonding agent that binds concrete elements together. This paver sand is popular because it offers durability and even joint bonding. At the same time, it eliminates any risk of ant infestation and weed growth that could affect the outlook and reliability of paver projects.

Why choose polymeric sand for paver jointing?

The following are some reasons to choose paver sand for your next paver jointing project.

Increased durability

The water, sand grains, and additives mixture form an ultra-powerful binding agent that binds together concrete pavers and other installation materials. Polymeric sand provides more durable and erosion-resistant features than conventional jointing products, thus significantly increasing the life expectancy of your installation. Additionally, joints filled and bonded by this material do not decompose or crumble. This means sand will remain in the paver joints once you apply the material.

No more weeds or insect infestations

Since polymeric sand holds joints together homogeneously, it provides a hostile environment for pest infestation and weed growth. Thus, your paver joints are less likely to erode or age and will remain free of any parasite agent.

Rich and varied colors

Polymeric sand simply looks better than sand. Besides the binding power, paver sand offers a variety of colors that add aesthetic value to your project. These multitudes of colors include ivory, tan, black, and grey.

Quick installation

Another benefit of using polymeric sand is that it is fast and easy to apply. It’s better than normal sand because manufacturers designed it to be that. Jointing sand is engineered with lubricants that bind each sand granule, making pouring and sweeping easy. Moreover, the lubricant allows the sand to settle between the joints, ensuring that it doesn’t wash out.

Note: It’s up to you whether you choose to use or not use polymeric sand on your paver project. But if you do choose this material, make sure that your installer is trained and skilled to apply poly sand correctly.

Why choose WM Trucking & Excavation for polymeric sands?

Almost all pave installers know the importance of quality filling material. The material you choose can have a huge impact on your overall project. At WM Trucking, we provide both common and select fill dirt to our clients. We also help you choose the best material for your project.

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