Apt selection of trailers hold immense importance for secure transit of goods. The shipment delivery of heavy construction machinery or other similar items has rules and regulations that must be abided by. Ever considered using a drop deck trailer for transportation?

Imagine bringing the heavy load all the way just to know that it crosses the height limit; it would be so frustrating, wouldn’t it? In such cases, a drop deck trailer is always a safe bet. Read on to know more about them.

What is a drop deck trailer?

A drop deck trailer is a platform, semi-trailer type having no roof or sides for cover. It is so named because of the two-deck tiers, high and low. The level drops after clearing the tractor unit.

A plus point of using this trailer is that the drop deck level allows the carriage of taller equipment compared to a regular flatbed trailer.

A drop deck trailer can be of two types, single drop or double drop. The single drop trailer allows up to ten feet height loads. On the other hand, the double drop has a structure that allows up to twelve feet high load.

This trailer, as mentioned earlier, does not have side panels or a top for coverage. Such design makes it pretty flexible and can transport a wide variety of loads. Maximum space is available for the load for transportation due to absence of side panels.

On the other hand, a flat ramp makes it easier to adjust tall loads.

What makes the drop deck trailer durable?

Most commonly, the material used to make this trailer is steel as it is strong and with high durability. Second, a little cost-effective option is aluminum; as it is cheaper. A drop deck trailer is best for snowy terrain.


Easy for forklifts
Drop deck trailers have the advantage of being close to the ground. This quality makes it easier for the forklift to load and unload the materials needed for transportation easily. The level aids in lifting heavier materials; forklifts do not need to elevate the object higher.

Height permit
Everyone knows how taxing and time-consuming getting a permit is. If you choose to use this trailer, there is no need to get additional permits to transport higher loads. The structure of drop deck trailers makes it easy to lower the height.

Variety of transported equipmen
Since this trailer does not have a side panel, it allows more space for different kinds of material to fit into it.

What is a drop deck trailer used for?

It is a commercial trailer mainly used to transport tall loads that exceed the legal limits set for a traditional flatbed trailer. Usually, machinery such as bulldozers or other construction machinery.

How much can it hold?

These can hold up to forty-eight thousand pounds and approximately ten feet tall loads. On the other hand, double drop trailers can bear a little less weight comparatively. A limit of forty-five thousand pounds weight is set with height eleven feet and six inches.

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